About Me

[Description] A Caucasian girl wearing a red jacket looking at the camera standing in front of a barricaded fence.

More like “Why should I visit your website?” Well, if you’ve stumbled upon Access SoCal odds are you’re either a fan of my writing or looking for more discussion on navigating the world as a disabled person. I’m Kristen Lopez and I’ve been a freelance film writer for going on 12 years now. I’ve been published on MTV, Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter, you name it. I’m also a person with disabilities and over the last few years I’ve used my writing to discuss being in the entertainment field as a disabled writer. I’ve talked about not just the roles disabled people are allowed to play, but being a disabled critic and attending film festivals.

But over the last year, coinciding with a move from my sleepy hometown in Sacramento to Los Angeles, I wanted to do more. One of the big things I always say is that as a disabled person one of the biggest things we want and need is information. Is a place accessible? Can I navigate it? And too often those questions are answered by able-bodied people who, sadly, just don’t know what accessible is to an individual versus what the law stipulates.

[Description] Three Caucasian people looking at the camera. From left to right: actor Zak Gottsagen, author Kristen Lopez, and actor Dakota Johnson

And that’s where Access SoCal comes in. I want this place to be a resource for anyone who is disabled and wants to be informed. Maybe you want to visit Los Angeles but don’t know if a particular place will work for you. Maybe you wanted to try a product or service but haven’t found a disabled review. Or, like me, maybe you just want to know about someone else’s experience. I’ll be frank, part of this site is to discuss the struggles I’ve had myself as a disabled person living in Los Angeles. Being disabled can be lonely enough, let alone when you’re new in a large city.

So, I hope this site becomes a place you enjoy. Let’s make Hollywood (and the world) a bit more accessible!